What the press says
about vaping

The Economist

“No smoke. Why the fire?”

“E-cigarettes do not just save the lives of smokers: they bring other benefits too. Unlike cigarettes, they do not damage the health of bystanders. They do not even smell that bad, so there is no public nuisance, let alone hazard, and thus no reason to ban their use in public places. Pubs and restaurants should welcome them with open arms.” Read full article

— The Economist

The Guardian

“Vaping saves lives. It'd be madness to ban it.”

“It is reassuring that the oversight body for public health in England has concluded from its own assessment that switching from cigarettes to vaping will be a major benefit to public health. Some authorities, such as in Wales, are already using vaping as a tool to get smokers off cigarettes. This technology could mean huge wins in cutting down cancer and heart disease, and in time the evidence will surely convince even vaping’s most ardent opponents. Until then, we must not let hypothetical concerns about vaping limit its use, or we shall never gain adequate evidence of its true value in our fight against the clear and present danger of cigarettes.” Read full article

— David Nutt, The Guardian

BBC News

“E-cigarettes should be offered to smokers, say doctors”

“We know that there are now over a million people who have completely replaced smoking with e-cigarettes and that the evidence indicates that they are significantly less harmful to health than smoking tobacco.” Read full article

— Michelle Roberts, BBC News


“The war over vaping's health risks is getting dirty”

“What firm science there is to rest on is fairly obvious: E-cigarettes are almost certainly less toxic and carcinogenic than regular cigarettes.” Read full article

— Danielle Venton, Wired.com