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Buy with Cash Deposit

LocalBitcoins is the main meeting place for everyone looking to either buy or sell Bitcoin and is currently our top recommendation. Vendors offer a wide range of payment options, ranging from bank cash deposits to PayPal to Western Union and finally to cash in mail.

If you find it difficult to use, keep scrolling.

  • A vast range of payment options
  • Receive Bitcoin instantly (most methods)
  • Much cheaper than the alternatives
  • Has a secure escrow system in place

Buy with Bank Account

Kraken is probably the best option out there if you want to purchase Bitcoin using your bank account. Just sign up with them, link your bank account, make a deposit and you're done!

Other reliable options would be Coinbase, Bitstamp and Circle.

  • Cheaper compared to the credit card option
  • Great UX and security
  • Convenient once you link your bank account
  • Not exactly instant

Buy with Credit Card

Coinbase is a trustworthy service that sells Bitcoin and accepts most credit & debit cards. They do require photos of your ID for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) reasons, but they are one of the most versatile services out there.

Another great option is Indacoin (much pricier, but they don't require registration and don't do tedious KYC & AML checks).

  • Receive Bitcoin almost instantly
  • Accepts most credit & debit cards
  • Great UX & security
  • Lenghty KYC & AML verification